The up front facts - Taken from a report by Gemma Carr - FitPro

Apparently a large number of female gym members still do not wear a sports bra for their workout. It is a myth that only women with large breasts should wear a support bra. The smaller chested lady should not go without some kind of support either whilst working out. Long-term damage can occur regardless of size.

According to recent research 56% of women experience breast pain when they exercise and it has been found to be one of the most common reasons for women giving up exercise.

It is not only saggy boobs that you have to contend with however, think of the comfort factor. Vigorous activity causes the breast to move up and down and side to side. This can cause irreparable damage to the small Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments are thin strands of connective tissue, which are interwoven into the breast. Well-endowed ladies will often experience tension and strain in the upper and lower back and neck.

One more condition, which may be exaggerated by the lack of a good sports bra, is jogger’s nipple. This painful condition is a friction burn, and although more common in men than in women, can be prevented by wearing correctly fitting support.

Prevention is better than cure for all of the above.

There are many different sports bras suitable for all. The pullover style is for the smaller chest (A & B cup) and works by flattening the chest and thus restricting movement. The encapsulation style for c up and above manages each breast separately, hence offering more no-bounce support for high levels of activity.

• Your bra should fit snugly under the bust without being uncomfortably tight
• All of your bust should fit in the bra without any bulges out the side
• The shoulder straps should not dig in (for larger busts wider straps are more comfortable

As we are all different you may have to try on several bras before you find the one, which is just right for you.

Remember the more vigorous the exercise the more you will need support i.e. for running or aerobics you will need more support than for doing weights in the gym or walking.

So be comfortable, be sensible and enjoy your exercise.

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